Saturday, October 19, 2013

Deacon's Army Man Birthday Cake (2010)

Admittedly, this is not one of my better cakes. This was one of those "my brain is dead, I have no good ideas, and I'm broke so what can I make cheap?" cakes.

My youngest son Deacon wanted an army cake for his 8th birthday. He like little army men and guns so we took a trip to the dollar store--one of the "everything's a dollar" cheapy stores and found some army-ish stuff to decorate a cake with.

Surprisingly, the things we found weren't too bad. And the best thing about them is that they were cheap! I think I spent about $3 on little decorations.

Although the colors aren't really attractive per se, I wanted some earthy colors to complete the look. I just happened to have some left over buttercream from another project and was able to repurpose the left overs by adding some food color.

Overall, the cake was easy, he was happy, and I was thrilled to be done with cakes for a week or two.

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